5 New Year Plumbing Resolutions

5 New Year Plumbing Resolutions

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Preventative Drain Maintenance: Bio-clean is a safe and natural alternative for drain cleaning VS harsh chemicals that can deteriorate your plumbing system.

New Pipe for the New Year: If the piping in your home is polybutylene, cast iron, old, and/or failing it may be time to re-pipe. Whole house pipe replacement will allow for many years peace of mind.

Winterizing your home: Georgia temperatures have been known to get below freezing, be prepared. Insulate pipes, cover exterior faucets, open your cabinet doors, and leave a faucet dripping.

Install New Fixtures: Faucets are trending! Tired of that out dated bathroom? New Year, New Bathroom! Update your tile and fixtures for a new look.

Water filter for a healthier you: A whole house water filtration system will remove all of the impurities in a healthy way. A whole house water filter will help he family to enjoy cleaner, safer, better tasting water.