Garbage Disposal Repair

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Garbage disposals are an asset in the kitchen. But as useful as they are, there are a host of issues that a well-used garbage disposal can suffer from. Without a functioning garbage disposal, kitchen waste and food scraps can cause clogs pipes, and keep your sink from draining.

A misplaced fork or shard of broken glass can badly damage your garbage disposal. Dull or bent disposal blades can could cause serious and permanent damage to the entire appliance. Piedmont plumbers know what to look for in a troublesome garbage disposal. They can tell the difference between a severe malfunction, or a simple flipped reset button. Piedmont plumbers are experienced in residential and commercial models, and know what it takes to get your disposal running smoothly.

Professional Garbage Disposal Installations

If it’s time for a new garbage disposal, make the right decision and have a professional install it. Improper installation is a frequent cause of home damage for ambitious homeowners who try to do it themselves. Piedmont plumbers know how to prepare and execute a flawless installation of all the leading garbage disposals on the market. Put your mind at ease and let our plumbers do their best!